Why “KYABAKURA” Japanese hostess club is enjoyable?

Club Grand HIT Is a Japanese hostess club. In Japan, this is known as キャバクラ”KYABAKURA”, a place where you can enjoy a large variety of premium alcohol and attentive conversation with cheerful pretty women.


KABAKURA experience in Grand HIT
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Why ”KYABAKURA” is enjoyable? 

KYABAKURA is unique aspect of Japanese culture providing entertainment to groups of busy businessmen after work. It is not a sexual service business. Hostesses offer flirtatious conversation over drinks, play games, and sing karaoke to entertain the customers.

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Club Grand HIT offers a time system of services so that you can enjoy chatting with more than one hostess in 1 hour.  

Let make a lot of Japanese friends! – How to enjoy KYABAKURA experience 

Upon seating, a hostess will come to you as a first companion to talk and drink with. A partner hostess will change to another available lady after a period of time so you will meet most of the hostesses, in other words, you can enjoy a cheerful moment with multiple ladies in 1 hour. (Depending on the number of customers there, the number of swapping will fluctuate in an hour, and you may be unable to chat with a hostess by one to one)

You might be able to see her in Japan (and she’ll show you around Japan!), when you have built a good relationship with her.

Karaoke VIP room

Visit our bar tonight! 

The bar Grand HIT

If you have an interest in our club, why don’t come to the bar?  There is no entrance fee at the bar. You can enjoy the atmosphere with unique Japanese alcohols as well as can check the hostess members of the day on the tv monitors.

If you are unclear with our pricing system, we are happy to explain it.


Mon-Sat 9:00pm-3:00am

Address: Basement 155 Castlereagh St Sydney

Phone:02 9283 5090