System A – $120 per person per hour

3 drinks, table charge, cast charge, service charge included (GST included)
*Drinks include Japanese shochu, whisky, soft drinks, beer by the glass

System B – $90 per person per hour

Table charge, cast charge, service charge included (GST included)
*Drinks not included. The bottle will be kept up to 60 days after purchase.
After 60 days, the bottle will be disposed of without notice.

*For both system A&B, after 12:00am, you will be charged an additional table charge of $10
*50% discount applies to female guests
*Cast member will not drink until the customer allows. Cast member drinks will be upon customers choice.



Nomination charge ($30 per person per hour)
Hall nomination charge ($20 per person per hour)

*If you nominate more than 1 cast member, we will charge $80 extra per cast plus nomination fee
*When other customers nominate the same cast member as you, their time will be split in half between you and other customers. Cast members may have a maximum of 3 nominations at a time.


Accompanying cast to club charges $60
There will be extra cover charges for the table and nomination of cast members after 9:30pm regardless of your visit.


Room charge is fixed no matter how many patrons use.
Large Room (3-9 people) $195 / hour
Small Room (1-4 people) $95 / hour



We would appreciate your understanding and cooperatrion with the notes below.

Q1: Is a sexual service included in the club experience?
A: No, Club Grand Hit is a place where a customer can feel pampered by the attention of attractive women without sexual service. We have a strict “no touching from customer” policy and customers will be asked to leave for trying to initiate sexial conversation topics.

Q2: Can I receive a phone number from my favorite hostess?
A: Yes, we do not prohibit exchange of contacts between customers and hostesses. You might get a phone number from “her”, when you have built a good relationship with her through great conversation. The exchange of personal contact information is solely up to the hostess and customer.

Q3: What is “DOHAN”?
A: DOHAN means that a hostess will meet for a non-sexual date before her shift begins in the evening. You can ask “her” out on a DOHAN date if you have a favourite girl. The charge is $60 for a DOHAN accompanying fee in addition to your admission fee.

(When customers and hostesses meet outside of the club, hostesses will notify it to the club manager for safety and security reasons.)


Open Hours:
Mon-Sat 8PM-3AM

Sunday, Public Holidays

Castlereagh St, Sydney

[email protected]
02 9283 5090