Club Grand Hit


Club Grand Hit is a new-age Japanese (“Kyabakura”) hostess club. It’s more than just a bar or typical night club, it’s an experience!

The atmosphere and the staff are what sets us apart from other clubs. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and entertainment that will exceed your expectations. If you want to grab a drink and talk about life or just need some company for the night, we’re here for you!

What is Kyabakura?

Kyabakura is a type of Japanese establishment that is similar to a hostess club or gentlemen’s club. It is a place where customers, typically men, can interact with attractive Japanese women who will serve them drinks and provide companionship. These women, known as hostesses, are not escorts or prostitutes, but rather entertain and flirt with customers while enjoying a drink of choice. 

Kyabakura is a popular form of nightlife in Japan and is considered a unique aspect of Japanese culture

Explore Grand Hit

Our elegant and sophisticated interior design is inspired by Japanese aesthetics, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transports you to another world. The dimly lit ambience and soft music set the perfect mood for an intimate and engaging evening.

Area #1

Area #2

Private Executive
& Karaoke Room

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